jueves, octubre 11, 2012

For Homer - Gregory Corso

En este video Gregory Corso recita su poema "For Homer" con música de Nicholas Tremulis. El material fue grabado en Nueva York, en 1993, como parte de una serie de colaboraciones entre Tremulis y Corso llamadas "Bloody Show".


There’s rust on the old truths
-Ironclad clichés erode
New lies don’t smell as nice
as new shoes
I’ve years of poems to type up
40 years of smoking to stop
I’ve no steady income
No home
And because my hands are autochthonic
I can never wash them enough
I feel dumb
I feel like an old mangy bull
crashing through the red rag
of an alcoholic day
Yet it’s all so beautiful
isn’t it?
How perfect the entire system of things
The human body
all in proportion to its form
Nothing useless
Truly as though a god had indeed warranted it so
And the sun for day the moon for night
And the grass the cow the milk
That we all in time die
You’d think there would be chaos
the futility of it all
But children are born
oft times spitting images of us
And the inequities
millions doled one
nilch for another
both in the same leaky lifeboat
I’ve no religion
and I’d as soon worship Hermes
And there is no tomorrow
there’s only right here and now
you and whomever you’re with
alive as always
and ever ignorant of that death you’ll never know
And all’s well that is done
A Hellene happiness pervades the peace
and the gift keeps on coming…
a work begun splendidly done
To see people aware & kind
at ease and contain’d of wonder
like the dreams of the blind
The heavens speak through our lips
All’s caught what could not be found
All’s brought what was left behind